Short History Of Darkness


01Night Time And Memory2000121120021230An experimental montage that brings together different experiences of darkness and night.This programme moves from bloody accounts of the Falklands War, to the bird song in the midsummer night forest, to radio waves in nocturnal transmissions. With new poems by Hugo Williams and John Burnside.
02Dark Times, Dark Places2000121220021231Including descriptions of the peculiar black of the Antarctic winter, the solitary darkness of the seabed, and a haunting account of blindness. And new works by poets Sarah Maguire and JOHN BURNSIDE mix memory and imagination.
03 LASTDark Thoughts2000121320030101An audio essay looking at the spiritual and elemental aspects of darkness, taking us from infant fear of the dark, through a universe filled with dark matter, and ending with beliefs about a black underworld of the afterlife. New poems are performed by RUTH PADEL and Collete Bryce.