Short Works - BBC National Short Story Award 2017



By Ross Raisin. Someone is hogging the hair-dryers in the changing rooms.

Dear Mister Burke20170920

By Tea Obreht. Mrs Mary Winters determines to get to the bottom of a mystery.

Memento Mori20170922

In Stephanie Victoire's short story there is an encounter with something unexplained.

Some Trick With Elastic20170918

By KJ Orr. A man walks into a bar in evening dress, hands waving in the air.

The Cold God Of Bad Luck20170921

By Colin Barrett. Lorna keeps an eye on boozy Bo, a boozy father and a mother in denial.

Five commissioned short stories to celebrate the BBC National Short Story Award:

4. 'The Cold God Of Bad Luck' by Colin Barrett.

Lorna keeps an eye on boozy Bo, a very boozy Father, and a Mother in denial, despite being a woman of 'consuming selfishness' herself. It's one heck of a family..

Reader Deirdre Mullins

Producer Duncan Minshull.