The first of two gripping stories about how technology might determine our lives in these interlocking plays by two of radio's most thought-provoking playwrights.

A horizon scanner foresees financial meltdown in Steve May's comic thriller, starring Paul Clayton (Peep Show, Drop the Dead Donkey), Mark Meadows and Devon Black.

Cassie is an horizon scanner for a global bank. When she discovers a black hole in the markets for June 6th which none of the other scanners has spotted, she must get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile Cassie's father Frank is busy trying to read the credit crunch as he decides what to do with his inherited nest egg, and Cassie's mother is busy buying nice things online with credit cards that Frank doesn't know about. And Cassie's colleague Reg is stealing her computer memory to develop his software programme. All of them are trying to plan for the future in their own little worlds.

Information is power, but there is a price.

Cassie...Devon Black

Frank...Paul Clayton

Mark...Mark Meadows

Reg...Carl Prekopp

Lesley...Marlene Sidaway

Bank Manager...Stephen Critchlow

Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.

Comic thriller by Steve May. Different people plan for the future in different ways.