Signs, Perfect Day


02 LAST20101125

The second of two gripping stories about the way technology determines our lives, in interlocking plays by two of radio's most thought-provoking playwrights.

Adam uses technology to find perfection, but there's a price, in this intense romantic drama by award-winning playwright Hattie Naylor.

Imagine the possibilities of harnessing powerful information-processing technology for the benefit of one super-rich individual. There is no bad luck if you know how to use the right technology with the right people: everything can be predicted, manipulated, avoided or sought-out.

Adam signs up to Perfect Day, a company which offers such specialised services, based on access to - and control over - information. The company promises to take away what is unpredictable, ugly or frustrating and ensure that a particular experience or life choice goes smoothly for their clients. No more traffic jams, no lost deals, no rained-off holidays, no bad food, no accidental encounters with difficult people. At first Adam uses the company to arrange evenings out, holidays, small life experiences. But his taste for perfection grows and soon he signs up to one of their most expensive and successful services: the location of a perfect life-partner.

Vicky....Joanne Froggatt

Adam....Paul Mundell

Evie....Jane Godber

Sarah....Lisa Coleman

Jim...David Hounslow

Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.

Adam uses technology to find perfection, but there's a price. Intense romantic drama.