Signs Of Life

A series of docudramas that explore the metaphors of illness.


0101Mapping The World - Alzheimer's Disease20010103A drama by Nicholas McInery with documentary from Dr Richard Harvey, Winn Harris and Margaret Benson. Two cartographers each claim that they have the true map of the world
0102The Wrong Target - Multiple Sclerosis20010110A drama written by Nicholas McInery with documentary from Dr Giles Ellrington and Wendy Tindall-Shepherd. Agent 1 is debriefing Agent 3 after a seemingly successful assignment. So why is Agent 2 watching from behind a mirror?
0103 LASTThe New Controller - Anorexia Nervosa20010117A drama written by Nicholas McInery, with documentary from Dr Jill Welbourne and Esther Gluck. A new controller has taken over the factory. She is beautiful, fascinating and inspiring - so why does everything start going wrong?
0201The Drowning: Cystic Fibrosis20011205Drama by Nicholas Mcinerny with documentary from Dr Diana Bilton and Tim Dinsley.
0202Battle Cry - Parkinson20011212In the war room, a campaign is being planned - but then things begin to go awry.
0203 LASTThe Chosen Path - Alcohol Dependency20011219