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Silas Marner lives a miserly isolated life, with money as his only company.

Silas Marner by George Eliot

dramatised by Richard Cameron

Episode 1/2

Outcast from the church, community, and closest friends for a crime he did not commit, Silas Marner's trust and faith falls away. A broken, disillusioned man, exiled, he builds a new faith, that will never let him down: gold. He weaves his cloths, counts his money, baptises himself with the coins of his new religion. When tragedy strikes again and all his money is stolen he's bereft and grief stricken. Then on New Year's Eve a vision of gold flickers before the flames. Spilling locks are tumbling coins. For a moment Silas is reunited with his lovely sovereigns. And then he sees a little child.

SILAS MARNER....George Costigan



MINISTER/MACEY....Seamus O'Neill

SNELL/BRYCE....Leigh Symonds

DUNSEY/DOWLAS....James Nickerson

SQUIRE....Terence Wilton

DOLLY....Deborah McAndrew

AARON (child)....George Herbert

NANCY/MOLLY....Maeve Larkin

Directed by Pauline Harris.

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Silas's life changes forever when Eppie, a little girl, crosses his threshold.

Silas Marner by George Eliot

dramatised by Richard Cameron

After a life of exile and a miserly existence, Silas's life changes forever when Eppie, a little girl

crosses his threshold on a cold New Year's evening. Their life together, from her childhood to

womanhood is his salvation. But all is threatened when her biological father makes

a claim on her.

Silas Marner....George Costigan

Eppie....Rebecca Callard

Dolly - Deborah McAndrew

Aaron - Stephen Hoyle

Godfrey/Jem - Conrad Nelson

Nancy....Maeve Larkin

Macey.... Seamus O'Neill

Dr. Kimble....Leigh Symonds

Priscillia....Fiona Clarke

Directed by Pauline Harris.