SF20210404What becomes of our empty music venues when a global crisis restricts them of their duty?

One year on since the first national lockdown began, Soumik Datta takes an inquisitive aural road trip to discover how big a part location plays when it comes to performance.

Whilst recording his latest multimedia project, he and a team of collaborators document their past, present and future relationships with the venues they once called home.

'Silent Spaces' is a tour like no other. Featuring Sage Gateshead, the British Museum, Hawkwood College and Depot Mayfield - the artists, musicians and dancers perform to empty halls and clubs as England slips into its third lockdown. Together the team rediscover themselves and the dormant places they revisit. They wonder whether they - and the buildings - will survive? And whether their audiences will still appreciate the arts, as a new normal emerges?

Presented by Soumik Datta.

Produced by Clare Freeman.

A Co-Production between Soumik Datta Arts and BBC Radio 3.

Soumik Datta explores what's become of the country's empty music venues.

Exploring music, history, science, philosophy, film, visual arts and literature.