Simple Minds Live In Concert


24 August 199119910824Description

Richard SKINNER introduces Simple Minds' concert, live from the Milton Keynes

Subject Categories

concerts (programme format)

alive and kicking (song)

all day and all of the night (pop song)

always the sun (song)

belfast child (song)

change (song)

call my name (song)

don't you forget about me (song)

dreaming (pop song) (written by humphreys and mccluskey)

duchess (song)

five minutes (song)

hanging around (song)

locomotion (pop song by omd)

love song (pop song by simple minds)

maid of orleans (pop song)

messages (song)

96 tears (song)

no more heroes (song)

pandora's box (pop song)

real life (pop song)

so in love (pop song)

sailing on the seven seas (song)

see the lights (song)

talking loud and clear (pop song)

tank (song)

walk tall (song)

waterfront (song)

pop music

enola gay (pop song)

joan of arc (song)

strange little girl (pop song) (song by the stranglers)

lace virginia (pop song)

celebrate (pop song)

grey matter (pop song)

king is white (and in the crowd) (song)

somethin' better change (song)

the big sleep (pop song)

toiler on the sea (song)

uptown (song)

all i am (song)

banging on the door (song)

let there be love (song by simple minds)

shoot the moon (song)

demon jive (song)

rain (song by an emotional fish)

electricity (song)

threatened (song)

sometimes (song by the stranglers)

heaven or hell (song)

brainbox (song)

wog (song)

travelling man (song)

east at easter (song)

book of brilliant things (song)

stand by your love (song)

jungle land (song)

someone somewhere in the summertime (song)

sanctify (song)

ghost rider (song)

Broadcast history

24 Aug 1991 (RADIO 1)


Jeff Griffin (Producer)

Jim Kerr (Speaker)

Paul Roberts (Speaker)

Andy Mccluskey (Speaker)

Jean Brunel (Speaker)

Gerard Whelan (Speaker).

24 Aug 1991 15:00-22:30 (RADIO 1)