Single And Single

John le Carre reads his new novel.


0119990226A corporate lawyer is shot dead on a Turkish hillside. In Devon, a children's magician is hauled in to see his bank manager."


0219990305After four years in hiding, Oliver makes contact with Brock."


0319990312Oliver becomes the go-between as his father and the Orlov brothers attempt to sell Russian blood to the West.
0419990319Oliver discovers the real source of his father's massive profits.
0519990326Tiger is on the run, and Oliver must get to him first."


0619990402On Brock's orders Oliver and Aggie travel to Switzerland posing as man and wife.
0719990409Oliver learns the full extent of Hoban and Massingham's treachery.
08 LAST19990416Oliver finds Tiger in a stable in Bethlehem.