Single White Rhino Would Like To Meet

Rosamund Kidman-cox explores the role of captive breeding programmes for endangered species operated by zoos worldwide and asks how they aid conservation in the wild.



For all creatures, the management of the gene pool is a crucial part of any breeding programme and finding suitable mates is a complicated business.

Rosamund visits Whipsnade Wild Animal Park to see how their herd of southern white rhinos has been growing over recent decades and what problems they have encountered. She also joins a female red panda at Bristol Zoo as she is introduced to her new mate.

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Captive breeding in an animal's native home has proven to be more successful and new partnerships between conservation organisations and zoos might be the answer. Are zoos doing enough for conservation on the ground in terms of financial support, and what do the world's conservation biologists and the zoos themselves think should be their future role?