0219970224A three-part drama by Tina Pepler.

2: Twenty years on, Elizabeth is living in Iran, where her four daughters are growing up and discovering there may be more to their mother than meets the eye. with Sarah Jane Holm , Kate Fenwick , Jack Ellis , Janet Maw , loan Meredith, Robert Harper , Chris Pavlo , Shirley Dixon and Christopher Scott. Director Marion Nancarrow

03 LAST19970303The last in a three-part drama by Tina Pepler. 1976: an argument with Maddy prompts Nathalie to flee to

Belgrade, where she is determined to learn from her mother's mistakes. But history has a habit of repeating itself. with Sean Baker , Carolyn Jones. Hugh Dickson and Cathy Sara. Director Marion Nancarrow

0119970217A three-part drama by Tina Pepler. 1: Madeleine's birthday prompts memories for her mother Elizabeth. with Anna Livia Ryan , Jonathan Coy , Jack Ellis , Janet Maw. Tracy Ann Oberman , Sean Baker , Shirley Dixon , Kim Wall , Gerard McDermott , Robert Harper , loan Meredith and Carolyn Jones. Director Marion Nancarrow