A Recipe For Ginger Cake20061228 BT=0930 (BBC7)
20061228 BT=2030 (BBC7)
20061229 BT=0130 (BBC7)

Emily uncovers some bad news about James and Charles spends a late night out in the cold. Episode 4 of 5.

An Arrest For Murder20061226 BT=0930 (BBC7)
20061226 BT=2030 (BBC7)
20061227 BT=0130 (BBC7)

Major Burnaby tells the Inspector about the seance at Sittaford House at the time of the murder. Episode 2 of 5.

Emily Goes To Work20061227 BT=0930 (BBC7)
20061227 BT=2030 (BBC7)
20061228 BT=0130 (BBC7)

Emily convinces Enderby to assist her and they make their way to Sittaford. Episode 3 of 5.

The Message20061225 BT=0930 (BBC7)
20061225 BT=2030 (BBC7)
20061226 BT=0130 (BBC7)

It is 1931 and in a remote house, six people gather round a small table for a seance. Episode 1 of 5.

The Second Seance20061229 BT=0930 (BBC7)
20061229 BT=2030 (BBC7)
20061230 BT=0130 (BBC7)

Emily begins to link everything together and Rycroft suggests another seance. Episode 5 of 5.