Six Days That Changed The Middle East

Forty years on, Jeremy Bowen looks at the 1967 war and its continuing aftermath in the Middle East.


0120070604On the eve of war, Arab civilians believed propaganda broadcasts from Gamal Abdel Nasser's Egypt promising an easy victory over Israel.

For Israeli citizens, the feeling was one of impending doom and potential annihilation.

How did the Middle East find itself on the brink of war on June 4, 1967?"


0220070605Israel launches the first air attacks on Egypt and Jordan on June 5, 1967."


0320070606After destroying the Arab air forces, Israel advances on the Old City of Jerusalem on June 5."


0420070607Israel's conquest of Jerusalem's Old City on June 7 heralds the start of a Palestinian exodus across the West Bank to Jordan.
0620070609On June 9, Israel and Syria battle over the Golan Heights.

Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser resigns."


07 LAST20070610On June 10, Syria loses the battle for the Golan Heights.

Nasser renounces his resignation and Israel ends the fighting by observing a UN ceasefire."