The Skool Days Of Nigel Molesworth (omnibus)


2014122720190908 (BBC7)
20190909 (BBC7)
Everyone's favourite anarchic skoolboy, Nigel Molesworth gives a guided tour of the complete and utter shambles that is St Custards, the finest educational establishment this side of Dotheboys Hall.

Imelda Staunton stars as Nigel Molesworth, the Curse of St Custards, in this fresh adaptation of the notorious Goriller of 3B's guide to skool life for tiny pupils and their parents.

Aided by best friend Peason and thwarted by everyone from Grabber the skool bully to Wandsworth the skool dog, Nigel Molesworth teaches us the ins and outs of skool life - including how to avoid lessens and how to build your own H-bomb.

Molesworth.... Imelda Staunton

Peason.... Sophie Thompson

Grabber.... Jack Farthing

Prudence.... Jessica Brown Findlay

Headmaster.... Patrick Barlow

Radio Announcer.... Lewis Macleod

Omnibus adapted by Patrick Barlow and George Poles from the books by Geoffrey Willans and Ronald Searle, with additional material by Abigail Wilson.

Director: Patrick Barlow

Producer: Liz Anstee

A CPL production for BBC Radio 4 first broadcast in five parts in December 2014.

Nigel's guided tour of the utter shambles that is St Custards.