Five programmes looking at the secrets of the investigator's trade.


01Divining Rights1998040719980817

Dowser Edwin Taylor may have spent most of his life locating water for farmers, but he has now been discovered by big business - and it seems that his ancient art can work very modern miracles.

02Haydn Seek1998041419980818

Six newly discovered Haydn piano sonatas put the musical world in a quandary.

Are they genuine, or clever forgeries? Liz Carney learns the secrets of unravelling musical mysteries.

03Country Pursuits1998042119980819

Wildlife investigator Phil pursues the men who kill badgers. But can he stop setts being destroyed and badgers baited before the culprits spot him and give him the slip?

04Lost Souls1998042819980820

Red Cross investigators search the archives hoping to find clues which will reunite families split up by the Second World War. More than 50 years on, has the trail gone cold, or will long-lost relatives finally meet?

05 LASTPsychic Cop1998050519980821

Keith Wright leads a double life - he is both a detective in the Metropolitan Police and a medium who presents clairvoyant shows around the country. But does his psychic talent really help him investigate crimes?