A Slight Case Of Murdoch


Programme Catalogue - Details: 28 May 198619910331

First broadcast on 1986-05-28

Producer: E. TAYLOR

Next in series: 09 April 1988

Previous in series: 21 May 1986


SBH:A Slight Case of Murdoch - The comic actor reminisces about his career in show business in front of an audience. 8 (of 8): Onwards and Upwards. Incl. refs. to Deryck Guyler, Kenneth Horne, 'The Men From the Ministry', appearing in 'Home' by David Storey with Valentine Dyall (with extract of rehearsal), 'Rumpole Of the Bailey'. Also sings own version of 'I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan'. Pianist: Ronnie Bridges. Research by Michael Pointon. Producer: Edward Taylor.

Broadcast history

28 May 1986 22:02-22:15 (RADIO 2)

01 Feb 1989 22:02-22:15 (RADIO 2)

31 Mar 1991 13:45-14:00 (RADIO 2)


Richard Murdoch (Actor)

Valentine Dyall (Actor)

Michael Pointon (Author)

David Storey (Author)

Ronnie Bridges (pno)

Edward Taylor (Producer)

Notes: CAIRS 558577

Programme Catalogue - Station

Radio 2