The Slip

By: P. Carroll & R. Wasserman

Starring: Bill Nighy/Jennie Stoller.


Genome: [r4 Bd=19901126]

Written By: P Carroll

Written By: B Wasserman.

Director: Janet Whitaker

Ian: Bill Nighy

Rachel: Jennie Stoller

DC Crandall: Jack Klaff

Dermot: Gary Whelan

Cecil: Chris Tummings

Dougie: Michael Deeks

Val: Zelah Clarke

Chloe: Polly James

Bar manager/Benyon: Simon Cuff

Bert, the boardmarker: Norman Bird

Alan, the barman: Anthony Jackson

Programme Catalogue - Details: 09 April 198819901119

First broadcast on 1988-04-09

Producer: J. WHITAKER


What else is there for an unemployed sociologist to do on a Saturday afternoon but to go to the pub and have a little flutter on the horses on the

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

09 Apr 1988 19:45-21:15 (RADIO 4)

11 Apr 1988 15:02-16:30 (RADIO 4)

19 Nov 1990 15:02-16:30 (RADIO 4)


Anthony Jackson (Actor)

Bill Nighy (Actor)

Norman Bird (Actor)

Polly James (Actor)

Jack Klaff (Actor)

Zelah Clarke (Actor)

Simon Cuff (Actor)

Gary Whelan (Actor)

Jennie Stoller (Actor)

Michael Deeks (Actor)

Chris Tummings (Actor)

Bryan Martin (ann)

P Carroll (Author)

B Wasserman (Author)

Janet Whitaker (Producer)

Recorded on 1988-03-03.

BBC Programme Number: 86DA1678

Programme Catalogue - Station

Radio 4


By: P. Carroll & R. Wasserman

Starring: Bill Nighy/Jennie Stoller.


By: P. Carroll and R. Wasserman

Starring: Bill Nighy/Jennie Stoller