SD20121201by David Harrower.

Siblings Morna and Athol haven't spoken to each other for fourteen years. As they recount their troubled history, they tell the story of modern Scotland.

Athol lives in Houston, round the corner from where the Glasgow Airport bombers planned their raid in 2007. He believes that only Scotland could produce such 'crap terrorists'. Dyed-in-the-wool SNP supporter Morna remembers the good old days of well-intended protest. As they talk, their differences - political, social, even musical - begin to seem less important.

David Harrower is one of Scotland's leading playwrights. His work includes BLACKBIRD, KNIVES IN HENS and 365 as well as many adaptations and translations. BLACKBIRD was an astonishing tour de force and has received international acclaim. His play, GOOD WITH PEOPLE and his translation of Schiller's MARY STUART have recently been broadcast on radio.

Director - David Harrower

Producer - Gaynor Macfarlane