The Smiler With The Knife


19910325A thieving magpie and a rather fussy surveyor of highways cause Nigel Strangeways and his wife to stumble on an organisation which has close links with fascist

Germany, and some very odd ideas about the future of this country. Written by Nicholas Blake.

With Andrew Branch, John Church, Elaine Claxton , Steven Harrold ,

Shaun Prendergast , Natasha Pyne , Gordon Reid , Erie Stovell and Jonathan Tafler.

Dramatised by Barry Campbell Director Jane Morgan Stereo


Kaleidoscope Lucy Duran discusses a timely release of Handel's The Resurrection; and Jan Fairley reports on a gathering of Scottish harpists.

Producer Belinda Sample



Unknown: Nigel Strangeways

Written By: Nicholas Blake.

Unknown: Elaine Claxton

Unknown: Steven Harrold

Unknown: Shaun Prendergast

Unknown: Natasha Pyne

Unknown: Gordon Reid

Unknown: Erie Stovell

Unknown: Jonathan Tafler.

Dramatised By: Barry Campbell

Unknown: Kaleidoscope Lucy Duran

Unknown: Jan Fairley

Georgia Strangeways: Jackie Smith-Wood

Nigel Strangeways: Simon Cadell

Sir John Strangeways: Jack May

Lord Canteloe: John Rye

Alison Grove: Susie Brann

Peter Braithwaite: Christopher Douglas

Madame Alvaraz: Avril Clark

SenorAlvaraz: Tim Reynolds

Celia Mayfield: Deborah Makepeace

Major Keston: David Sinclair

Prof Hargreaves-Steele: Richard Durden

Mrs Fortescue: Jill Balcon

Rev Fortescue: Peter Howell

Miss Agg-Thorsby: Pauline Letts