So Now You're Talking!


19950108First Impressions. Laurie Taylor decodes the language of job ads and interviews.

8.30 The French Experience 12: Forme et Sante. Chantal Cuer discusses

French attitudes towards healthy living.

9.15 Get By in Portugal 2: Fado,

Fatima and Football. Susan Marling focuses on Portuguese popular culture.

9.45 In Other Words Barbara Ewing gives Daire Brehan an insight into Maori.


199501224: Sales Talk. Laurie Taylor tests out some techniques of persuasion.

8.30 The French Experience 14: L 'Art de Séduire, Chantal Cuer investigates the art of romance in French cinema.

9.15 Get By in Portugal 4: We Don't Know the Half of Susan Marling looks at Portuguese tourism.

9.45 In Other Words 4: Daire Brehan talks to Hugh O'Shaughnessy about Latin American Spanish.