Sofie Hagen - How To Love Your Fat


2019101320191018 (BBC7)Award-winning author-comedian Sofie Hagen examines society’s relationship with fat people and, with her infectious wit, sets a funny and impassioned agenda for moving beyond mere body positivity to a better world for everyone - fat or not.

Fatphobia is one of the last acceptable prejudices in a world that should really know better. Society continues to send poisonous messages about weight and size, causing widespread misery and mental illness, and dangerously skewing the priorities of millions of young people. Sofie Hagen, the brilliant comedian and author of last year’s hugely successful manifesto Happy Fat, asks what it really means to love your body at any size, and sets out a vision for a world where people aren't defined by their bodies.

A personal, fiercely funny examination of a subject everyone else is scared to talk about.

An Impatient production for BBC Radio 4

A personal, funny and impassioned look at society's relationship with fat people.