The Song Of Pentecost

Trevor Harrison reads the story of Snake, and his quest to win back his Oily Green Pool.


0120041213 (BBC7)
20041214 (BBC7)
0220041214 (BBC7)
20041215 (BBC7)
Snake strikes a deal with some mice to track down the Lying Frog.
0320041215 (BBC7)
20041216 (BBC7)
Snake finally extracts the truth from the Lying Frog, and sets off to find the imposter... with some help from mice.
0420041216 (BBC7)
20041217 (BBC7)
Snake helps Pentecost and the other mice cross, but what kind of plan does the Owl of Lickey Top have?
0520041217 (BBC7)
20041218 (BBC7)
Having survived the river, Pentecost mouse is faced with a malevolent insect and a gang of Ruffian rodents.
0620041220 (BBC7)
20041221 (BBC7)
Pentecost mouse learns from Fox that Owl and his insect friend are not to be trusted, but is Fox himself telling the truth?
0720041221 (BBC7)
20041222 (BBC7)
Fox is clearly not all he seems, as Pentecost Mouse finds out, but is Snake the one he has to watch out for?
0820041222 (BBC7)
20041223 (BBC7)
Pentecost Mouse and Snake finally confront Cousin, but will Snake stick to his word and show all the mice a new home?
0920041223 (BBC7)
20041224 (BBC7)
The end is in sight for Pentecost and his friends - with a little help from Fox Read by Trevor Harrison.
10 LAST20041224 (BBC7)
20041225 (BBC7)
Pentecost Mouse finally leads his brethren to their destination. But they still have to face the Owl and the farmer's dogs.