Sound Bites - With Franz Ferdinand


20080730 (BBC7)Alex Kapranos longs for a good curry, praises haggis and remembers his grandfather - thanks to stotty cake and pease pudding. Episode 3 of 5.
20080728 (BBC7)Eating adventures with Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, who appreciates that there's more to touring than pizzas and burgers. Episode 1 of 5.
20080731 (BBC7)In Osaka, Alex tries deep fried fugu, a variety of poison puffer fish and lives to invite the audience back to his hotel lobby. Episode 4 of 5.
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20080729 (BBC7)Songwriter and singer Alex Kapranos enjoys a taste of Paris and Milan and eats gingerbread cake in a Munich Christmas market. Episode 2 of 5.