South American Currents


20080902A series offering fresh cultural perspectives on South America.

1/3. Colombia - An End to Solitude?

Forty years ago, the novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote of the afflictions of Colombia, his country of birth. Now a new generation of Colombian writers are trying to find a way out of that 'solitude' in order to describe the complex, violent but exuberant reality they live in.

Novelist Juan Gabriel Vasquez takes us with him to the Colombian capital Bogota to share the elements of 21st century urban life in South America that have inspired his work.

20080903A series offering fresh cultural perspectives on South America.

2/3. Argentina - Dancing to the Music of the Mind

Buenos Aires has more psychoanalysts per head of the population than any city outside New York. Why does every taxi driver argue the merits of Lacan versus Freud?

Argentinian film director, writer and tango enthusiast Edgardo Cozarinsky talks to artists, dancers, novelists and other Argentinians to find out why psychotherapy has such a pervasive influence - even in the tango bars.


20080904South American Currents

A series offering fresh cultural perspectives on South America.

3/3. Peru - The Padlocked Town

Exploring the theme of disappearance, Peruvian-American author Daniel Alarcon journeys deep into the Andes, to Corongo. Now known as the 'Padlocked Town', Corongo is a semi-deserted place which residents left as they searched for a more stable and prosperous future in the capital city.

Daniel follows their journey to Lima, finding out how Andean culture has transformed the identity of the sprawling city over the past 30 years. He also discovers how a major earthquake in 1970 followed by years of political violence has forced the disappearance of many similar Andean towns and villages.