South-east Asian Dominoes


19680515"A series of three documentaries

1: The Enigma of Thailand

JOHN TUSA explores the most stable of the so-called domino states in South-East Asia

He tours the palaces and temples. interviews the Foreign Minister, discusses the rebellions in the north with generals and journalists, and asks: can Thailand, now an active ally of the Americans in the war against North Vietnam, continue to stay out of trouble?

Produced by Keith Hindell

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19680522"A series of three documentaries

2: Shangri-Laos

JOHN TUSA reports from a split country with a phantom war, which lives off the tax on the gold trade, where the generals live on the pickings of the opium trade, and which the western hippies call ' Shangri-Laos ' because nothing is forbidden

Produced by Keith Hindell"""""

19680529"A series of three documentaries

3: Ries-Scotland Yard Calling-South-East Sport

Introduced by Tim GUDGIN

Produced by the South-East news unit