Sci-fi comedy.

Space journalism doesn't come easily to Charlie and Moog, who have quite a lot of trouble with the 'space' part.

Assisted by a maternal onboard computer Mother, they've yet to risk more than a wobbly orbit of the earth in search of news.

0101Lost In Space Ship2007021020070211
20080202 (BBC7)
20080203 (BBC7)
20081206 (R7)
20081207 (R7)
20091101 (R7)
20100801 (R7)
20110826 (R4+)
Journalists Moog and Charlie probe a disappearance.
Moog and Charlie investigate a disappearance.
0102Two Men And A Baby Alien2007021720070218
20080209 (BBC7)
20080210 (BBC7)
20081213 (R7)
20081214 (R7)
20091108 (R7)
20091115 (R7)
20091116 (R7)
20100808 (R7)
Charlie and Moog mess up a mission to deliver Korg's nephew to playgroup.
With Tim Key and Prunella Scales.
From February 2007.
From 2007.
Charlie and Moog risk Korg's wrath when they mess up delivering his nephew to playgroup.
Charlie and Moog risk Korg's wrath when their mission to deliver his nephew to playgroup goes awry.
0103The Last Postman2007022420070225
20080216 (BBC7)
20080217 (BBC7)
20081220 (R7)
20081221 (R7)
20091115 (R7)
20100815 (R7)
Charlie and Moog are discovered.
But surely the postman can be trusted? With Dan Mersh and Prunella Scales.
From February 2007.
But surely the postman can be trusted? From 2007.
Charlie and Moog are discovered, but surely the postman can be trusted?
0104 LASTMutiny On The Spaceship2007030320070304
20080223 (BBC7)
20080224 (BBC7)
20081227 (R7)
20081228 (R7)
20091122 (R7)
20100822 (R7)
Moog's found himself a girlfriend on the internet.
0201Men In Brown2008030120080302
20090628 (R7)
20090629 (R7)
20100829 (R7)
20100905 (R7)
20100906 (R7)
A viral life form tries to communicate with the team.
The journos meet the Emperor of the Toilet People in a messy assignment.
0202The Quite Good Escape2008030820080309
20090705 (R7)
20090706 (R7)
20100905 (R7)
Mother's got a boyfriend and Charlie and Moog are feeling a bit left out.
Geoff Mcgivern and Chris O'Dowd guest star.
Journos Charlie and Moog must track down Mad Captain Pendulum.
Stars Dan Mersh, Tim Key and Prunella Scales.
From March 2008.
0203Empire In The Sun2008031520080316
20090712 (R7)
20090713 (R7)
20100912 (R7)
Charlie and Moog discover a lost race living inside the sun.
The journos are in meltdown over choosing a birthday present for Mother.
Stars Dan Mersh and Prunella Scales.
From March 2008.
0204 LASTBack To The Present2008032220080323
20090719 (R7)
20090720 (R7)
20100919 (R7)
Mother's on holiday, so Charlie and Moog must run the spaceship without her.
It's Mother to the rescue when an evil planet tries to rule the universe.


  • BBC7 sometimes runs the first 8 episodes as if they're a single series.