The Spaceman [Drama]


20050727The first manned space flight was on 12th April 1961 when Russian Cosmonaut Flight Major Yuri Gagarin completed a single orbit of the earth in 89.34 minutes.

Later that year, he made a triumphant visit to Great Britain.

Back on Earth, 11 year old children all over England were sitting the 11 plus exam, and awaiting decisions which would alter the course of their lives.

Rob John's play is the story of one of those children; Michael, and how his own story and that of Yuri Gagarin, become briefly linked.

  • father....jon glover
  • maggie....victoria o'donnell
  • michael....danny turner
  • miss green....phillipa peak
  • mother....ruth gemmell
  • mr spencer....nigel anthony
  • trev....chris overton
  • valerie....lily power