Stage fright is a condition which affects a third of all performers. John Florance looks at the causes of the problem and joins a project at the Royal College of Music.


Sweating, shaking, hyperventilation and nausea - stage fright is a condition that adversely effects around a third of all performers. A hangover of our most primitive "fight or flight" instinct when an attack from a woolly mammoth or sabre toothed tiger needed immediate action, stage fright is now a response to the fear of public humiliation. John Florance looks at its causes and cures, and joins an innovative project at the Royal College of Music where students are helped by a battery of experts from the fields of music, science and sport.

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The murmuring subsides, the lights dim and the audience waits. It's your moment... and you blow it. Forty minutes of panicky, pupil-dilating stories as musicians, sportspeople, actors, politicians, comics and interviewers re-live those endless moments of undiluted panic. Producer Marc Jobst

Genome: |[r4 Bd=19940113]

Producer: Marc Jobst


By Gillian Linscott, dramatised by Michael Bakewell.

The combination of a beautiful young suffragette sleuth, George Bernard Shaw and a very theatrical murder prove more dramatic than even the great playwright could have foreseen.

With Susannah Corbett, Nigel Anthony, Connie Walker and Andrew Wincott.

Directed by Enyd Williams