A four-part drama following the fortunes of a left-wing theatre company, written by acclaimed dramatist Doug Lucie.

We meet the Stage Left Theatre Collective in 1985: founder members Emma (artistic manager) and Robert (literary manager), director Saul, playwright Alan, and finance manager, Frank.

Stage Left follows the fate of the company over the course of the past four decades, catching up with the characters as they negotiate the cultural and economic climate in which they find themselves. There are clashing ideals, conflicting egos, personal grievances, differing tastes and petty quarrels, but at the heart of the drama is the story of a group of idealistic friends who see their vision refined, altered, dented, rebuilt and corroded by the wider artistic and cultural landscape.

A sharp, satirical drama starring Ewan Bailey, Alex Jennings, Richard Lumsden, Anna Madeley, Gerard McDermot and Tracy Wiles.

Written by - Doug Lucie

Produced & Directed by - Heather Larmour.

Produced and Directed by - Heather Larmour


by Doug Lucie

Not everyone is happy with the changes that have been made at Stage Left Theatre Company. Tensions rise at the tenth anniversary party.


Alan - Ewan Bailey

Saul - Gerard McDermot

Kelly - Tracy Wiles

Emma - Anna Madeley

Robert - Richard Lumsden

Frank - Alex Jennings

Annabel - Rebecca Hamilton

Jim - Caolan McCarthy

Waiter - Richard Pepple

Director - Mary Peate.


by Doug Lucie.

Any tensions between the old members of Stage Left Theatre Company dissolve as they visit Alan's wife in hospital.

Director - Mary Peate.