a collaboration between the BBC and Arts Council England, linking theatres and community groups.

Not Quite Gospel20050520

Jodie Johnson is a teenager who sings in her local Gospel Choir but has ideas about moving into the big bad world of commercial music.

  • directed by - Jenny Stephens, assisted by Kate Chapman
  • gloria....andrea davy
  • gospel music sung by the worship team from the new life wesleyan church in birmingham
  • janetta....coral chapman
  • jodie's singing voice - rasiyah
  • jodie....kaleigh walters
  • mc....toyin kinch
  • pastor....delroy brown
  • saxophone and jodie's song - soweto kinch
  • serena....krystle mccalla
  • sherelle....aisha samuel
  • tyrell....dave dickson
  • urban music - stephen mccormack
  • by.... - - - - don kinch

  • Reality Check20050506

    Carol Leeming developed her play in partnership with the Leicester Haymarket Theatre and a project working with young people in danger of offending or underachieving.

    The play tells the story of Shari, a teenager who has been labelled as difficult and lazy.

    As her problems come to a head, it becomes clear that she has been misunderstood.

  • directed by - Kate Chapman and Peter Leslie Wild
  • irina....natasha godfrey
  • kisha....joanna dyce
  • michaela....charlotte mckenzie
  • miss french....Alison Carney
  • nile....robert green
  • shari....ebony feare
  • stages of sound is a collaboration between the bbc and arts council england, linking theatres and community groups
  • by.... - - - - carol leeming

  • Silver Grey20060816

    By Vincent Cleghorne.

    The generation gap explored with sharp wit and wisdom in the unusual setting of an older peoples' tea club in Bootle.

    Martha....Sylvie Gatrill

    Dee....Eithne Browne

    Charlotte....Eileen OBrien

    Merlin....Paul Regan

    Director Polly Thomas

    The Armour Of Immanuel20060823

    By Edson Burton.

    Winnie's son Immanuel was murdered six months ago in a road rage incident.

    Today her grandson is coming to visit for the first time since the funeral.

    Immanuel was a good son but he had secrets, just like his mother.

    And today Winnie is going to find out the truth about his life - and his death.

    Winnie....Lorna Easy

    James....Andre Gottshalk

    Rebecca....Devon Black

    Bredren....Damian Lynch

    Mr Powell....Geff Francis

    Michael....Andre McMiller

    Director Mary Ward-Lowery.

    The Healing Pool20050513

    FRANCEsca Beard's play is a warm, funny and unsettling story about exile, loneliness and friendship, developed in association with Hampstead Theatre and a LONDON group for African women who are HIV positive.

    Clem and Nora must addend meetings with Dr Charlotte Martin, who thinks these women would lead healthier, stress free lives back home in Africa.

  • anthony....damien lynch
  • charlie....Rachel Atkins
  • clem....janice aquah
  • nora....koi kimani
  • other roles played by Richard Katz, colleen predegast, community actors and the cast
  • directed by.... - - - - - shabina aslam