Stan And Ollie - The Roots Of Comedy

By Simon Louvish, abridged by David Jackson Young.



Born in Lancashire, the son of a flamboyant impresario, Arthur Stanley Jefferson began his comedy career in the twilight years of the Edwardian music hall.


Mocked at school as `Fatty' Hardy, Stan Laurel's American partner began his movie career as a projectionist in Milledgeville, Georgia.

03Home From The Honeymoon20020109

How one of Stan's dad's old sketches inspired one Laurel and Hardy's first films.

04As Ye Cast Your Bread On The Water, So Shall Ye Reap20020110

A visit to Britain in the summer of 1932 confirms Laurel and Hardy's status as global celebrities.

05 LAST20020111

Following his partner's death in 1957, Stan Laurel lives on to enjoy growing public interest in the team's old films.