Alun Cochrane: Centrist Dad?2021071820210723 (BBC7)
20210724 (BBC7)
“A Centrist Dad takes his children to feed the ducks, a Conservative Dad takes his children duck shooting, a Socialist Dad takes his children to a Solidarity With Ducks rally.”

Centrist Dads have a bad reputation. They’re “entirely responsible for Labour’s Election defeat”, “aggressively condescending” and they “like Top Gear too much”. And yet, Alun Cochrane is fine with being one (albeit one who hasn’t actually watched Top Gear).

Recorded in front of a virtual audience from Salford, this show is Alun’s quest for the centre ground, an area bizarrely underpopulated in the comedy world. Comedians should poke fun at all hypocrisy no matter whether it emerges from the right or the left, so why are so few stand-ups apparently adept at sniping from the middle?

Alun investigates whether his politics have changed or if it's the world that has changed around him and left a reasonable man feeling like an extremist. He is pretty sure he isn’t an actual baddie. He spends his days writing jokes in ‘Where’s Wally?’ pyjamas alongside his gluten-free dog. Does that sound like an extremist to you?

Written and performed by Alun Cochrane

Production co-ordinator: Mabel Wright

Sound engineer: Michael Smith

Producer: Richard Morris

Photo credit: Matt Stronge

A BBC Studios Production

A stand-up special about Centrism from Alun Cochrane.

Elvis Mcgonagall: Full Tartan Jacket2021013120210826 (BBC7)
20210827 (BBC7)
20210819 (R4)
Elvis McGonagall performs the pick of a year’s biting and savagely funny satire in a blend of provocative verse and politically savvy stand-up comedy. It's imbued with his customary searing wit, wordplay and anarchic invective.

Pulling no punches, Elvis directs his scurrilous diatribes at the powers-that-be from Westminster to Waitrose, taking aim at the injustices of our septic isle and beyond. Stockpiling and the pickiness of cats, celebrity branding, the nature of truth, some bloke called Trump, the Prime Minister and Mr Benn, Government rules, ecotricity, Samuel Pepys - it’s all there. There’s even a love poem.

Full Tartan Jacket presents the prime cuts from the work of a comic poet at the top of his game – all current and bang on target. Join this World Poetry Slam Champion and Saturday Live alumnus as he bellows into the void in exasperation at the world, from the Gracelands Caravan Park somewhere near Dundee.

Recorded remotely in front of a virtual audience.

Written and performed by Elvis McGonagall

Produced by Frank Stirling

A 7digital production for BBC Radio 4

The stand-up poet and satirist Elvis McGonagall in excoriating form.

Imran Yusuf: Relabelled2021011720210819 (BBC7)
20210820 (BBC7)
20210812 (R4)
We all have labels. Some we're given and some we actively choose. In his first show for Radio 4 Imran Yusuf ponders one label he was born with - man.

How do you learn to be a man and what does being a 'man' even mean? In this autobiographical audience show, Imran looks at where he got his role models from as a boy, what he thought being a man was all about and how that view changed radically as he became an adult. Jackie Chan might have been his inspiration when he was young but it was a woman who sparked self-awareness and change.

This is a very funny and honest account of his life and changing attitudes to manliness.

Imran earned a Best Newcomer nomination in the Fosters Awards for his first Edinburgh show in 2010.

Written and presented by Imran Yusuf

Producer: Alison Vernon-Smith

A Yada-Yada Audio production for BBC Radio 4

Comedian Imran Yusuf does some soul-searching about what it means to be a 'man'.

Kiri Pritchard-mclean: Egg-sistential Crisis2021011020210812 (BBC7)
20210813 (BBC7)
20210805 (R4)
A special stand-up show from Kiri Pritchard Mclean all about not wanting to procreate.
Lucy Porter: Back In The Family Way2021070420210709 (BBC7)
20210710 (BBC7)
Comedy from Lucy Porter.

Following her previous, very popular In the Family Way shows, Radio 4 favourite Lucy returns with another examination of domestic life, covering everything from the dramatic to the dreary.

This time, Lucy looks at the effects of the pandemic on our relationships with family, friends and neighbours. The last year has been hard on people who were separated from their nearest and dearest, but it’s also been no picnic for those who were locked up with their loved ones.

Home schooling, working from the kitchen table, zoom quizzes with cousins, clapping with the neighbours - Lucy explores all the things that have brought us together, while also driving us apart. We look forward to the year 2041 and ponder what they’ll make of it in the future.

Talented comedian and impressionist Luke Kempner is on hand again to help Lucy bring her thoughts to life. As always, he displays his range of comic voices, including an impressive impersonation of Lucy’s next door neighbour Yvonne.

Back In The Family Way was recorded at Lucy’s local village hall, with a socially distanced audience of her family, friends and neighbours. Let’s see if any of them are still speaking to her after this show.

Written by Lucy Porter

Starring Lucy Porter and Luke Kempner

Additional Material: Gabby Hutchinson Crouch and Mike Shepherd

Production Manager: Sarah Tombling

Studio Engineer and Editor: Jerry Peal

Production Runners: Sahara Dennis, Kareem Elshehawy, Sakshi Gupta

Produced and Directed by Gordon Kennedy

Would not have been possible without Marilyn Imrie

Recorded Live at Pinner Village Hall

An Absolutely production for BBC Radio 4

In a new show Lucy Porter examines family life and how it's been affected by the pandemic.

Scrambled Egg2021080820210813 (BBC7)
20210814 (BBC7)
Comedy duo Egg - Anna Leong Brophy and Emily Lloyd-Saini - write and star in this brand-new comedy special, exploring what it means to be mixed race, and their very different experiences growing up in the UK.

An increasingly surreal dinner date turns into a trip down memory lane for the pair, as a curt waitress guides them grudgingly through some of their formative mixed-race memories.

Through break-out sketches, the duo narrowly avoid coming to blows with streetwise teenage schoolgirls Jacanda and Malika on the streets of north west London, culturally appropriate their own cultural heritage in a Portakabin in Nottingham, and befuddle renowned Race and Socio-Political expert Professor Jojo Mojojo with a simple question. All the while waiting for their main course to arrive.

Anna and Emily also talk to their real-life Mums, who share their experiences on what it meant to bring up a mixed race daughter in the 90s - and whether the girls really were the charming little angels they claim to have been.

Can the mixed-race experience really be defined in a single comedy special? The Egg girls aren’t sure, but they take a crack at it in Scrambled Egg.


Anna - Anna Leong Brophy

Emily - Emily Lloyd-Saini

Waitress – Rebecca Boey

Written by Anna Leong Brophy and Emily Lloyd-Saini

Producer: Mobashir Dar

A CPL production for BBC Radio 4

A comedy special. Anna Leong Brophy and Emily Lloyd-Saini explore being mixed race.

Syd2021072520210730 (BBC7)
20210731 (BBC7)
Arthur Smith brings his hit Edinburgh Festival show to Radio 4.

Arthur's father Syd was an ordinary man in extraordinary times. Just 17 when he signed up, he fought at El Alamein, was captured and then imprisoned in Colditz and, after the war, joined the Metropolitan Police. He spent the rest of his working life patrolling the streets of London and had possibly the worst arrest rate in the force - having been a prisoner of war he had no desire to subject anyone else to suffer a loss of liberty.

In this funny and tender evocation of post-war Britain, Arthur brings us Syd's diary entries and conjures up the spirit of his father, a man of great integrity and humour.

Recorded in front of a live, socially distanced audience, with assistance from his brother Nick and music from Kirsty Newton.

Producer: Alison Vernon-Smith

A Yada-Yada Audio production for BBC Radio 4

Arthur Smith tells the story of his father Syd, an ordinary man in extraordinary times.

Tessa Coates: Resting Witch Face2021080120210806 (BBC7)
20210807 (BBC7)
Following her two critically-acclaimed stand up shows, Tessa brings her debut radio special to Radio 4 and combines her love of anthropology with her love of witchcraft. This year, all things occult are definitely on the rise. Tarot card sales are the highest they've been for 50 years, books on witchcraft have topped the best-seller list, and on TikTok the hashtag #WitchTok has 13.9 BILLION views. Through history, in times of political unrest we turn to the occult, and the last few years have been nothing but political unrest. Add into that a story about a ghost, a poltergeist, and an exploration of the human imagination. Plus a tarot card reading, finish on a coven initiation spell and you've got Resting Witch Face!

The show was recorded in front of a live audience at the Pleasance in London.

Written by Tessa Coates

Starring Tessa Coates

Additional Material: Amy Annette

Executive Producer: Simon Nicholls

Studio Engineer Jerry Peal

Editor: Chris Maclean

Production Manager: Georgina Brett

Production Co-ordinator: Tamara Shilham

Production Assistant: Emma Tremewan

Production Runners: George Hehir & Tehillah Hinds

Would not have been possible without Katie Churchill

Recorded Live at Pleasance London

A Tiger Aspect production for BBC Radio 4

In this stand-up special, Tessa Coates explores the rise of enthusiasm for witchcraft.