The State Of The 'never Had It' Generation


2014010820140111Most of today's young adults, under 25, entered the job market since the recession started in 2008. They've not had free university education, there's intense competition for jobs and if they have a chance to buy a first home, it's likely they'll be doing that much later than their parents.

Julian Worricker brings together 4 people aged 25 and under to discuss whether they really are the ""Never Had It"" generation and, if they've not had what their parents had, how much is that really holding them back? These are playwright Rachel Hirons, entrepreneur Jermaine Hagan, the Investors Chronicle's Katie Morley and Gus Baker of Intern Aware. They will question Paul Johnson of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, pension expert Ros Altmann, Ashley Seager from the Intergenerational Foundation and David Willetts MP, author of ""The Pinch"" and Universities Minister, on what help is needed, if any - and who could pay for that help.


Presenter: Julian Worricker

Producer: Simon Tillotson.