Steno Guitar Greats - Hank B. Marvin


Genome: [r1 Bd=19830123]Introduced by Alexis Komer

Hank Marvin was the first of a new school of British guitarists: those who arrived as a result of that peculiarly American development, Rock 'n' Roll music. His success was swift and has proved to be lasting. Within six months of arriving in London from Newcastle in 1958 he was supporting the fledgling Cliff Richard and then proceeded with The Shadows to create an historic series of instrumental hits.

Perhaps most Importantly his example prompted tens of thousands of others to take up the electric guitar. Researcher JOHN TOBLER written and produced by STUART GRUNDY

Genome:|[r1 Bd=19830123]
Genome:|[r1 Bd=19830123] Introduced By: Alexis Komer

Introduced By: Hank Marvin

Unknown: Cliff Richard

Unknown: John Tobler

Produced By: Stuart Grundy