The Stephen Sondheim (1930-), Passion Frogs And Road Show


05 LAST20100730Concluding our series in which Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim talks to Donald Macleod. In the final programme, Passion, a kind of reversal of the Beauty and the Beast myth, which Sondheim has described as "one long rhapsody. a straightforward, non-ironic love story"; The Frogs, a contemporary take on Aristophanes originally staged in the swimming pool at Yale University (with Meryl Streep and Sigourney Weaver in the chorus line); and Road Show, a musical about the Mizner brothers which proves the old adage that "musicals aren't written, they're re-written" - it's currently in its fourth incarnation.

Produced by Chris Barstow.

Stephen Sondheim joins Donald Macleod to focus on Passion, The Frogs and Road Show.