The Steps [Drama On 3]


20090208By Mike Bartlett

A new play, specially written for Radio 3, which follows an elderly lady, Rosie, who lives in an old people's home.

She escapes into the wintry landscape outside with a reluctant teenager tagging along behind her.

On her journey, she meets a woman in her 30s and a nine-year-old girl and discovers some interesting coincidences: they are on the run too and are also both called Rosie.

Older Rosie....Geraldine McEwan

  • charles....phillip jackson
  • director: claire grove.

    geraldine mcewan stars in mike bartlett's haunting new play

  • marion....janice acquah
  • middle rosie....julia ford
  • oliver....robert lonsdale
  • paul....jonathan tafler
  • young rosie....lauren mote