Still Life With Kazin



At 82, New York writer and critic Alfred Kazin is the grand old man of American letters. In the first of five conversations with Russell Davies, Kazin remembers Britain during the war, when, as a writer with the American army's Bureau of Current Affairs, he met T S Eliot and Edmund Wilson.


Alfred Kazin's love of his native New York shines through his memoirs, which are almost as well known as his critical works. Russell Davies joins Kazin as he remembers his radical youth in the New York of the 30s.


Many of America's greatest writers and poets come from the South. Russell Davies talks to New York writer and critic Alfred Kazin about Robert Lowell, Allen Tate, Walker Percy and others.


Veteran New York writer and critic Alfred Kazin remembers the New Deal and the trials of the McCarthy era and discusses with presenter Russell Davies the dangerous new fundamentalism in American political life.

On Native Grounds19970821

Ever since the 1942 publication of his pioneering study of American literature, `On Native Grounds', New York writer and critic Alfred Kazin has played a vital part in America's cultural debate. Tonight, he and presenter Russell Davies discuss his one of his latest works, `God and the American Writer'.