Stories From The Bath Literature Festival


AR01Zippin' Up Your Boots20091018By Gill Edwards.

Every middle-aged person needs to know certain things when asked to a school reunion, especially if they are planning to lie about almost everything they have done since leaving.

Read by Alison Reid.

Everyone needs to know certain things when asked to a school reunion.

AR02Out Of Time2006062620091025By Joe Hollins.

The cargo of the Phoenix, wrecked off the south Devonshire coast 200 years ago, rises from the ashes in a very 21st-century manner.

Read by Michael Maloney.

The cargo of an old shipwreck rises from the ashes in a very modern manner


Mathilde, by Hattie Naylor.

“I was born in the worst winter ever.

It was said that the ground was so hard, the air so cold, the snow so thick, my heart froze the moment I was brought into the world.

And then I was brought up by a cat.”

Read by Alison Reid.

By Hattie Naylor

AR04Big Boys Don't Fly20060710200911084/5.

Big Boys Don't Fly, by Paul Dodgson.

This is the story of a man who is stuck on the ground.

He used to be able to fly, but he has forgotten about that now.

Read by Michael Maloney.

By Paul Dodgson.

AR05 LASTMrs Somerville's Garden2006071720091115By Crysse Morrison.

Everyone in Mrs Somerville's family has an opinion on whether she should move from family home to sheltered accommodation.

However, she has her own surprising view on the matter.

Read by Alison Reid.

Should Mrs Somerville move from home to sheltered accommodation?