AD20121231The British have always had a very emotional relationship with the weather, and its climate creates particularly fertile conditions for obsessive weather watching. Though less dramatic than in other countries, Britain nevertheless has its fair share of tornadoes and waterspouts and hurricanes - with attendant fans and followers. For many people, the pursuit of extreme weather phenomena is a matter of scientific, and sometimes personal necessity.

For Ken and Bernard, however, there is only deeply personal necessity, and when, on a muggy afternoon, conditions become perfect for tornado spotting, both men drop everything and set out on a road trip to try and find the 'big one' - hoping that it will go some way to making up for the tragic failures in their lives.

Along the way, a divorce, a kidnapping, and a series of confrontations with mobile catering vans and rival stormchasers mean the trip soon becomes about so much more than the weather, and both men soon realise they are on a life-defining journey through the arterial roads of the midlands.

Stormchasers is a rain-sodden, windswept comedy drama written by Nick Walker.

Written and produced by: Nick Walker

Directed by Paul Warwick

A Top Dog production for BBC Radio 4.