The Story Of Lucy Gault


0120021104By William Trevor.

Read by Dermot Crowley.

Abridged by Sally Marmion.

Produced by Di Spiers.When three men come to set fire to the Big House in 1921, they set off a chain of events which have tragic consequences.

0220021105The family's decision to leave their home in Cork has had a devastating result.

Captain Gault's daughter is missing, and he has found a vest on the beach.

0320021106'Lucy's parents try to fill their days in Italy, quite unaware that their daughter is alive in Ireland.'
0420021107'While Lucy is growing up, a railway porter begins to be tormented by dreams.'
0520021108A stranger comes to Lahardane.
0620021111'Lucy has grown up alone, but love beckons as a visitor comes to Lahardane.'

'Tchaikovsky Experience, The'

0720021112Ralph has declared his love for Lucy but she has banished him from Lahardane.

The declaration of war may change everything.

0820021113'Heloise's death has left the captain to wander across postwar Europe, with nothing to prevent him from returning to Lahardane.'
0920021114Another stranger visits.
10 LAST20021115The journey to redemption.