A Story Of Our Time


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700611]

The Seventh Day Recollections of the Six-Day War by some who took part

The Six-Day War between Israelis and Arabs began suddenly and ended quickly. Those who had fought, mainly young people, returned dazed and shocked by the revelation of what war really is. Some became compulsive talkers, reacting for themselves and their comrades scenes of horror or triumph; others remained silent and withdrawn.

In 1967 many of these experiences were recorded at kibbutzim all over Israel. Eventu. ally the dialogues were published in book form. The recollections of these young men and women engaged in a bitter and bloody war reveal a depth of compassionate experience common to all young warriors.

The book, now published in Britain, forms the basis of tonight's programme. Because the original recordings were in Hebrew, actors play all the parts.

The book abridged by TONY VAN DEN BERGH

Produced by ALAN BURGESS


Abridged By: Tony van Den Bergh

Produced By: Alan Burgess

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The Two Voyages of Donald Crowhurst

On 31 October 1968 - the deadline for entry in the Sunday Times round-the-world yacht race-Donald Crowhurst sailed out of Teignmouth in his trimaran. Nine months later it was found, intact, in the North Atlantic: Crowhurst had disappeared.

The logs and tapes he left behind reveal indisputably that he did not sail round the world but in the Atlantic only. Why? And why, if he charted a fictitious circumnavigation. did he leave sufficient proof behind to reveal the truth?

This story is about a real voyage and a false one. but it is also about two voyages in another sense: the voyage of a boat and the journey of a man's mind. Were the pressures which drove Crowhurst to his end uniquely of our own time?

TOM SALMON narrates the story with the voices of DONALD CROWHURST RODNEY HALLWORTH




Produced by BRIAN MILLER

(The hopeful start... and the tragic end: page 6)


Unknown: Donald Crowhurst

Unknown: Donald Crowhurst

Unknown: Rodney Hallworth

Unknown: Dr Glin Bennet

Unknown: Nicholas Tomalin

Unknown: John Norman

Unknown: Ronald Hall

Unknown: Arthur Blaydon

Unknown: Readers Andrew Sachs

Unknown: Donald Heighway

Script By: Brian Gear

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701210]

Alexander Solzhenitsyn The author of Cancer Ward, The First Circle, and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisotich (an authentic view of life in a Soviet labour camp during the Stalin era - broadcast in September) was formally accused of writing anti-Soviet propaganda and expelled from the Soviet Writers Union three years ago. At present he is living quietly in a cottage 60 miles from Moscow.

Tonight he is to be awarded the 1970 Nobel Prize for Literature. It is not vet known whether the Soviet authorities will grant him a visa to go to Stockholm to receive the prize. Written by DAVID BURG and GEORGE FEIFFER Produced by MAURICE LEITCH

The programme is followed by a discussion on some of the implications that it raises. Taking part: STUART HOOD DR TIBOR SZAMUELY and PROFESSOR JOHN ERICKSON


Unknown: Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Unknown: Ivan Denisotich

Written By: David Burg

Written By: George Feiffer

Produced By: Maurice Leitch

Unknown: Stuart Hood

Unknown: Dr Tibor Szamuely

Unknown: Professor John Erickson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701225]

The Small Woman

Introduced by Ingrid Bergman with The story of the London pariourmaid who journeyed to China to become a missionary and who after many adventures during the Japanese Invasion led 100 orphan children across the Shansi Mountains to safety.

The dramatisation is followed by memories of Gladys Aylward In Formosa from KATHLEEN LANGTON SMITH ; and a discussion on the 150 years of missionary work in China and Its Influence in the age of Chairman Mao by THE REV DAVID a. DAVIES , LESLIE LYALL , and M HERBERT LOCKVER.

Compiled and produced by ALAN BURGESS


Introduced By: Ingrid Bergman

Unknown: Gladys Aylward

Unknown: Kathleen Langton Smith

Unknown: David A. Davies

Unknown: Leslie Lyall

Unknown: Herbert Lockver.

Produced By: Alan Burgess

Gladys Aylward: Gwen Cherreu

Nurse: Patricia Gallimore

Missionary: John Gabriel

Doctor: Sean Barrett

Mrs Lawson: Betty Hardy

Mandarin: John Bryning

Linnan: Alan Barry

David: Hector Ross

Sualan jo: Manning Wilson