Story Time - The Princess And The Goblin - 1 - The Princess Meets Curdie


Genome:|[r4 Bd=19680708]by George MacDonald abridged for reading in six parts

Storyteller, Effie Morrison

George MacDonald was born in Aberdeenshire in 1824. Like his friend Lewis Carroll he was by profession a minister before devoting his time entirely to writing. Father of eleven children, he is best remembered today for his children's books including "At the Back of the North Wind", broadcast a few years ago, and "The Princess and the Goblin". This was first published in 1871 and tells the story of the little princess Irene, her mysterious great-great-grand-mother, the brave miner's boy Curdie, and of course the Goblin, —wicked in the best tradition. Further, as in all good fairy tales. there is magic.

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19680708] Authot: George MacDonald

Storyteller: Effie Morrison

Produced by: Gordon Emslie

The Princess: Margaret Love

Lootie: Jean Faulds

The Old Lady: Maud Risdon

Curdie: Sheila Donald