Genome: [r4 Bd=19700522]by MARGARET POTTER

True stories of courage, determination. ingenuity, and luck 3: The King's Lieutenant

James Graham , Marquis of Montrose, was, according to Carlyle, ' the noblest cavalier of them all.' During the Civil War he was responsible for snatching his army of 1.500 men from certain death, escaping with them over icy mountains to become the victors of the Battle of Inverlochy. Narrative spoken by GEOFFREY BANKS who also portrays all the characters Produced by TREVOR HILL


Unknown: Margaret Potter

Unknown: James Graham

Spoken By: Geoffrey Banks

Produced By: Trevor Hill

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19680402]True stories of courage, determination, ingenuity-and luck by MARGARET POTTER

3: Gentleman of the High Toby

Incidents in the life of Richard Turpin , Esquire, Highwayman.

Narrative and voices by Geoffrey BANKS

Postscript by ROBERT Patterson , Curator of the Castle Museum, York. who speaks from the cell in which Turpin spent his last night.

Produced by Trevor Hill

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19680402] Unknown: Margaret Potter

Unknown: Richard Turpin

Voices By: Geoffrey Banks

Unknown: Robert Patterson

Produced By: Trevor Hill

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19700522]