Stream, River, Sea


2009032720110804Hugh and Bella, are running to the same timetable, the timetable you're on if someone you love has just died, and they keep running into each other.

They visit the same undertakers at the same time; Hugh's Mum is cremated immediately after Bella's husband; and they even end up in the same bereavement-counselling group.

But Hugh and Bella are dealing with very different types of grief.

Hugh's heart is like a toy that has never been taken out of the box, Bella's is like a beautiful crystal glass that's been dropped from a 30 storey building.


Alex Jennings


Juliet Stevenson


Lizzy Watts

Directed by Gordon House.

Juliet Stevenson and Alex Jennings star in this romantic comedy about sudden death.

Romantic comedy by Peter Souter about sudden death and the effect it has on two dysfunctional adults and a highly precocious 13-year-old girl.

Hugh....Alex Jennings

  • bella....Juliet Stevenson
  • daisy....Lizzy Watts

    comedy by peter souter about sudden death and its effects on two dysfunctional adults