The Summer Snows [Drama]


2019080820210813 (R4)Robert Bathurst stars in a dramatisation of the writer Christopher Nicholson’s non-fiction book, Among the Summer Snows. In late summer in 2016, Nicholson sets off from Dorset for the Scottish mountains in search of snow. He’s not entirely sure why he’s going. He’s haunted by the death of his wife, he has a daughter with chronic fatigue, and he has recently had a back operation. Yet he has a compulsion to hunt for the last remnants of snow, the iceberg relics of winter. A poetic and compelling exploration of what matters in the writer’s life as he confronts nature in the raw, dramatised by Nicholson and Jonathan Smith.

Christopher ..... Robert Bathurst

Hugh ..... Christopher Harper

Helen ..... Helen Clapp

Young Christopher ..... Oliver Zetterstrom

Mother ..... Catherine Cusack

Richard ..... David Hounslow

Ranger ..... Kenny Blyth

Mrs Cameron ..... Hilary Maclean

Other parts played by the cast

Producer/director: Bruce Young

Robert Bathurst plays a writer with a compulsion to find mountain snowbeds.

Drama from BBC Radio 4