Afghan Refugee Crisis; Women's Rights Under The Taliban; Cardinal Nichols On Our Moral Responsibility For Afghanistan20210822The unfolding crisis in Afghanistan is the focus of much of this week's programme.

As Afghan families arrive in the UK, we hear how religious communities are mobilising to support them and we speak to one refugee who landed here only last week. Christian charities co-ordinating the response share their concerns about the Government's resettlement scheme. And Ravi Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid, tells William Crawley about his struggle to help 300 Sikhs and Hindus who took refuge in the Karte Parwan Gurdwara in Kabul as the Taliban swept into the city.

"We must give the Taliban a chance and not be terrified by Sharia” says Khola Hasan of the Islamic Sharia Council as she debates with the Afghan film maker Dayanna Saqeb-Jamal. But has the Taliban really changed?

Cardinal Vincent Nichols examines our moral responsibility as Afghans are killed in the crush outside Kabul airport and he questions the Government's figure of allowing only 20,000 Afghan refugees saying we should welcome Afghans to this country.

And, as the inaugural ‘Hundred’ cricket tournament reaches its climax this weekend, we report on an initiative to get more Muslim women playing cricket and speak to Britain's first hijabi cricketer, Scotland bowler Abtaha Maqsood.

Producer: Amanda Hancox and Dan Jackson

Editor: Helen Grady

A look at the ethical and religious issues of the week with William Crawley.

Aretha Franklin Influence, 'conversion Therapy' Ban, Vaccine Refusal Among Us Evangelicals20210815As the Aretha Franklin biopic ‘Respect’ premieres this weekend, we explore how the singer helped to bring black spirituality into the mainstream of American life.

Ahead of a public consultation and proposed ban on so-called 'conversion therapy' in England and Wales, we hear views about how a ban should work in practice and what the implications could be for some religious groups.

The latest polling in the US suggests that around a quarter of white evangelicals don’t want the Covid vaccine. We explore how much religion is playing a part in their decision and how church leaders are influencing uptake of the vaccine.

Research by Sunday has found that over the past decade the number of applicants accepted onto religion and theology related undergraduate courses in UK universities has nearly halved. We ask what might be behind the figures and examine the value of a theology degree.

Producers: Dan Tierney and Rosie Dawson.

Editor: Helen Grady.

A look at the ethical and religious issues of the week with Emily Buchanan.

Religious Minorities In Afghanistan, The Rise And Fall Of Christian Ireland, George Harrison's \u2018my Sweet Lord' 50 Years On20210829As the UK urges the Taliban to guarantee a safe passage for those who want to leave Afghanistan beyond the 31 August deadline, there have been calls in the US to prioritise the resettlement of members of minority religious groups at risk of persecution. This week, William Crawley explores the situation on the ground for minority Christians and Hazara Shia Muslims.

Ireland has long been regarded as the land of saints and scholars. Yet, despite Christianity’s long dominance on the Island of Ireland, it’s decline over recent years has been rapid. History professor Crawford Gribben tells the story in his new book, ‘The Rise and Fall of Christian Ireland’.

George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord’ was instrumental in popularising the Hindu divine form of Krishna in the West. Half a century on, we report on how Krishna found a place on George Harrison’s biggest hit and how the former Beatle’s legacy endures among the UK’s Hare Krishna movement and beyond.

University can be a time when personal beliefs are challenged, changed or super-charged. As students prepare for the start of a new academic year, we bring together two undergraduates - both Christians - to explore the impact of new-found freedom on faith.

Producers: Dan Tierney and Alistair Kleebaur.

Editor: Helen Grady.

William Crawley looks at the ethical and religious issues of the week.

A look at the ethical and religious issues of the week