The Sunday Feature


20061022'George Buchanan - Not for Burning

Robert Crawford explores the life and works of Scotland's hot-tempered 16th-century poet and writer, a religious dissident whose works contributed to the downfall of Mary Queen of Scots. Feted across Europe in his day, Buchanan is now largely forgotten because he wrote in Latin.'

20061217'The Reconciler

Mike Ford examines the life and legacy of one of the 20th century's most influential and radical spiritual leaders, Brother Roger of Taize. By bringing together divided Christians and pioneering a new style of church music, Brother Roger led a quiet revolution in postwar Europe. His murder in 2005 was mourned by millions.'

20061231'Cherry Women, Cherry Men: Writer and translator Stephen Henry Gill and composer Malte Jaspersen profile the national love affair of the Japanese with cherry blossom. Every winter, in a look towards spring, the Sakura Zensen, or Cherry-Blossom Front, sweeps at about 8mph across Japan. Its arrival is followed on television and the country gradually submerges beneath a sea of pale pink blossom, engendering nationwide revelry. There are many stories, poems and songs, both ancient and modern, inspired by the Cherry Blossom Front, and people gather to drink and sing under the flowering boughs.'