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20171105Two hours of music and conversation from a faith and ethical perspective.

Azeem Ibrahim has travelled a long way from his father's grocer's shop in Glasgow. He's a Cambridge-educated multi-millionaire businessman, who has dined with a president of the United States. He joins Cathy to discuss why he's now channeling his energies into philanthropic work and campaigning for Rohingya rights in Myanmar.

They're described as man's best friend but can dogs teach us more about ourselves? In his new book 'Things My Dog has Taught Me', Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg argues why our four-legged friends can help us become kinder, wiser and more mindful human beings.

Following the fall of Raqqa in Syria last month, how should the UK react to the potential threat posed by returning jihadis from Syria? Muslim scholar and academic, Yahya Barry, and Dr Gilbert Ramsay, lecturer at The Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at St Andrews University, join Cathy to discuss the options reportedly being considered by the government to protect society.

Last week saw the publication of a list of '30 of the most inspiring Scottish Women under 30'. Director of Young Women's Movement, Kara Brown, explains why they created the list and two of the women on the list - activist and campaigner Mina Baird and columnist for CommonSpace and The National newspaper Kirsty Strickland - discuss how much the recent focus on sexual harassment reflects the reality for young women in Scotland.

Are there real benefits to swearing? That's the central argument of a new book called "Swearing Is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language". Author, Dr Emma Byrne, joins Cathy to explain why turning the air blue could make you happier.