Sunk [Mike Walker]


SD2011052820180429 (BBC7)
20180430 (BBC7)
A drama to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Launch of Titanic (31st May 1911).

This is the fascinating story behind the 1943 Nazi propaganda film, Titanic, which was up until then, the most expensive German film ever. The film was commissioned by Goebbels with a view to discredit British and American capitalists. Ironically, this production became a symbol for the corruption and 'sinking' of the Third Reich itself.

Walter Zerlett-Olfenius....Richard Laing
Herbert Selpin....Blake Ritson
Joseph Goebbels....Jason Watkins
Hans Nielsen....Nick Dunning
Sybille Schmitz....Lucy Cohu
Ernst Fritz Furbringer....Miche Doherty
Miss Volkmaan....Séainín Brennan
The Barman....Paul Kennedy

Producer/Director....Gemma McMullan

Mike Walker is one of the UK's leading radio dramatists and is also a feature and documentary writer and published author.

The ironic story behind the most expensive Nazi propaganda film ever made - Titanic.

Thrillers, mysteries, love stories and detective fiction.