A Sunset Touch

D J Britton's dramatisation of Howard Spring's novel set in 1945.


012004101020041016It's 1945 and an unexpected legacy means Roger Menheniot can fulfill his long-held dream and buy back the crumbling family seat in Cornwall.

But real life is to prove messier than idealised fantasy, especially where women are concerned.

  • annie hocking....diana berryman
  • bella thoroughgood....mali harries
  • directed by - Alison Hindell
  • henry savage....James Greene
  • jim brokenshire....david shaw
  • kitty littledale....manon edwards
  • phil menheniot....Stuart Mcloughlin
  • ray swithinbank....Brendan Charleson
  • roger menheniot....Paul Copley
  • tom littledale....Richard Mitchley

  • 02 LAST2004101720041023Roger Menheniot's clumsy courtship of Kitty has backfired, but his dalliance with Bella is to lead him into more dangerous territory.